michigan-autoappraisers.com is a Houston Texas based company, not from Michigan

November 5th, 2013

We’ve received several complaints in our office, mistaking our 22 year old local Michigan business http://www.autoappraise.com which IS a Michigan based corporation, for a Texas based firm Michigan-Autoappraisers. This is NOT US! We have nothing to do with this company, and have no idea who they are!! All we know is that their website was created in 2012 from their Houston Texas IP address. Their website serves you testimonials from alleged Michigan consumers, but none of them with last names or contact info that can be identified. As a Michigan consumer, please be diligent and do your own homework! This company can’t help you locally in Mi. Remember, as Michigan residents, we don’t even have the ability to file D.V. claims in our state. Don’t be misled by michigan-autoappraisers.com. If you need help here in Michigan, call Auto Appraise Inc, a Mi. based corp at 810-694-2008.

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1966 Chevrolet Corvette Grand Sport II For Sale estate, Pro touring, $89,000 or best, 810-694-2008

September 8th, 2013

Local Detroit based certified auto appraiser and NCRS member Jason Phillips was appointed recently to perform a car appraisal on this 1966 Corvette Grand Sport II pro-touring car for the estate. The recently deceased owner hired a well known Corvette Grand Sport Builders Mid America Industries from Indiana that built this GS clone from a real solid 1966 Corvette Coupe. An excess of $150,000 has been spent, and the car is top shelf in appearance and performance. Many features of a late pro touring car, ZZ3 crate engine, vintage Air, B/W 4 speed, detailed C-4 suspension, combo late model Corvette interior fitted around period cove style custom dash appointments, flared wheel openings and custom C-2 trunk design, it will certainly be the only one of it’s kind at your upcoming shows, or next seasons 2014 Hot Rod Power Tour. A professional inspection report, with over 100 photos is available at http://www.autoappraise.com This car can be seen locally north of Detroit Michigan by calling 810-694-2008. Asking price $89,000.00, which is less then 1/2 of what it would cost to build today. The car is very fresh, and ready to rock. Estate needs to settle, so bring all offers. 810-694-2008 or 800-301-3886 in US. email cars@autoappraise.com.

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1976 Chevrolet Caprice Classic For Sale, 43,900 orig. miles, $14,900.00/best

September 8th, 2013

Well survived, one owner since 13,000 miles, garaged 1976 Chevrolet Caprice Coupe survivor. Just under 44,000 miles, it’s spent most of it’s life in storage. Selling for the current owner, now in his late 70’s. Beautiful Silver with contrasting red interior. Excellent magnetic adhesion under nearly all factory original paint. Two doors are rarely seen, compared to all the four doors on the market. The car’s in very good original driving conditioning, needing only the A/C serviced and hoses/belts serviced, mostly just due to long term sitting. Currently, it’s clean unrestored car that will make an excellent driver. Professional inspection report along with 100 plus photos, including underbody shots and test drive results available at http://www.autoappraise.com View the test drive results on youtube at “autoappraise’s channel”. Asking $14,900, the seller is motivated, so bring all offers. 810-694-2008 or email cars@autoappraise.com


An Auto Appraisal For Your Custom Car

May 22nd, 2012

Custom-Car-Auto-AppraiserWhen a car owner modifies their vehicle to make it more custom this can be quite an investment depending on the changes that were made. In order to protect the value of the vehicle for the future it is a wise decision to get an auto appraisal done by a professional who will give an accurate description and assessment.

Sometimes a modification includes upgrading the engine as well as the transmission to up the performance level of the vehicle. Other times the changes are related more to the body of the car such as a custom paint job or adding fancy lights, grills or wheel rims. The overall value is increased by making these changes whether they be slight or major because it creates a custom car that is different from the stock variety that comes from the dealership.

Paying to have a professional auto appraisal completed for your custom car ensures that you have on paper what you have had done to your car and how much those things have increased the overall value. If anything were to happen to your vehicle or you went to sell it, this appraisal would be ideal for making sure you got the right amount of money that you deserve.

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Auto Appraisal For Classic Cars

May 20th, 2012

Classic-Car-AppraisalClassic cars or muscle cars are collectible items for many people and they carry a lot of worth. Usually these cars stay in the family and get passed down to the next generation but many people make the decision to sell their vehicle when they need funds or no longer have the room to store such a big collector’s item. Getting an honest and true auto appraisal for your classic car can be a step in the right direction to selling your classic car for a good coin.

When you obtain an auto appraisal for a classic car you are asking a third party to give the rundown of the vehicle. This includes all the good as well as the bad. It’s usually pretty hard for an owner to list all the intricate details of a classic vehicle because not only have they enjoyed their vehicle for many years but they also might not know what could be wrong under the hood or on the frame. A professional auto appraisal will include the shape the motor is in, the quality of the body work and what parts may need to be replaced. There are a lot of factors that go into how much a car is worth.

Seeking a professional auto appraisal will ensure that when you go to sell your vehicle you will receive every penny that it’s worth. A thorough description of a classic car will give potential buyers a clear picture of what they are purchasing and they’ll be more apt to pay a higher price.

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Selling your classic car? How Auto Appraise can Get you the most money in the shortest time!

January 15th, 2012

Having a full blown classic car inspection done, coupled with a certified car appraisal is where you should start if you’re serious about selling your muscle car or antique car in today’s on line market. Buyers typically expect that the one’s selling their own car will reveal the car in a very favorable fashion….to be expected. This process gets worse when you add in a broker that hasn’t really seen and studied the car. Most of those deals fall apart mid flight, due to lack of confidence on the buyers part. If they do end up selling, it’s for a lower dollar than they should have sold for, because smart buyers don’t overpay for a car they are not confident in. The key to success? Earn the buyer’s confidence. Not just through salesmanship, but through honest, accurate depiction. Having the car inspected by an outside, professional 3rd party inspection company will reveal the car’s strengths and weaknesses, and help both parties get down to the truth, which leads to a truthful and favorable outcome for both parties.  Our process includes jacking up the car and test driving it when possible, along with magnet test results, and in some cases video presentations, when personally conducted by the owner. Even if you have some computer skills, the management of a successful selling campaign on line can be a arduous process. Having the time to send out 100’s of photos, over and over to different prospective buyers, teaching them how to link to and or view videos, answer dozens of questions, and continually follow up  with people is what is required. You can utilize the reports and photos that Autoappraise.com will create for you on site to sell your car, or better yet, you can let us step up and handle the whole task for you. We have sold EVERY car that has been consigned to us, through our unique process of thorough accurate depiction. Don’t just take our word for it. Auto Appraise will put you in touch with the actual sellers of the cars we’ve consigned, so you can hear the stories of our success from them….which is really their success. Put the hard work and skills of certified auto appraiser  Jason Phillips to work for you. Please call us to discuss your unique situation. We offer discounted service for car collections. Auto Appraise Inc. is well reviewed in the Classic car field, so check out what our client’s are saying! Call us to discuss your needs. 800-301-3886, or 810-694-2008. M-F, 9am-7pm, Sat 10-2pm, EST.

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1964 Plymouth Belvedere 2-dr post 440 4-spd for sale…800-301-3886 or 810-691-2664

July 31st, 2011

This 1964 Restored Belvedere 2-dr post  is for sale in Michigan. Inspected by certified classic auto appraiser Jason Phillips,  It’s a high end, very showable car. 440/bored472 C.I. engine, mated to a stock 4 speed, 8.75 rear 3:91 posi, which have all been fully rebuilt (receipts viewed). Resto pics show car stripped down to bare metal. Very clean, all steel original survivor body hand blocked straight and flat. Impressive, right down to  the rocker bottoms and jamb surfaces. Excellent magnetic adhesion all around exterior and underneath. Fully rebuilt suspension front and rear. Collision free, rot free underbody with no patch panels. Nicely restored period interior with great glass and trim all around. Very high quality rebuild/restore on a radio delete car. 17″ American racing wheels in rear, 15″ matched fronts, are like new, mated to Mickey Thompson ET street radials in rear, show virtually no wear. Upgrades away from factory (other than wheels) include the bored 440, MSD/billet distributor, disc brakes and gages. Rest of car looks bone stock.  In today’s dollars, it would cost well over $80,000 to do one up this nice out of a solid survivor body. Car rocks down the road, tracks and brakes nice with plenty of power and aggression in throttle. See videos posted on youtube.com of test drive and walk around. $1800 rebuild on factory 4 speed completed in July 2011. Rear end rebuild done in 2010, engine approximately 2000 miles ago. This owner has spent a lot of money to build a very nice car. We’re asking $45,000.00. 800-301-3886 or 810-691-2664. email cars@autoappraise.com. Request a well written, narrative report, along with over 300 photos completely detailing this car. Feel free to come yourself and drive it, or send your own KNOWLEDGEABLE Mopar inspector.

Update: Thanks for looking, we have sold this car.

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1976 Cadillac Eldorado Conv’t for sale, 6,300 original miles, survivor 800-301-3886 or 810-691-2664

July 31st, 2011

1976 Cadillac Eldorado convertible for sale, original documented 6,300 mile survivor. Firethorn red exterior with white leather. 4 hour long comprehensive inspection conducted for the estate on each car (3 Cadillacs in all) with full written detailed report, 300+ photos, video walk around and video test drive. Email our office for links to all of these. cars@autoappraise.com. Report highlights listed below:
PAINT: Original factory applied Firethorn metallic red finish. Digital paint meter measures 2.0-4.5 mils consistent throughout fifty spots tested on vehicle. No amount of aftermarket body filler or paint located. Reflective quality is excellent for original factory applied paint. Large bold print can be read in reflection from 10-12 inches away (common for paint of this era). Small nicks, chips, blemishes or scratches documented; please see photos for area and locations. Paint is otherwise in excellent showable quality condition. Paint inside door jambs and sills is factory original throughout entire vehicle. Underbody paint still presents nicely from factory. Urethane bumper extensions are noted to have typical color fade.
BODY: showable quality, beautiful, original 6,000 mile survivor body. All factory spot welds visible. No repairs ever. Doors close with two finger effort. One small door ping. Paint isn’t broken here, so it could be removed. Stain free white top operates perfectly. Hard parade boot has likely never been used.
FRAME/FLOORS: Excellent original collision-free frame, with no rot or decay visible. Original fuel lines and brake lines installed, with original clips all along frame rails. Original bumper mounts to frame indicate no visible collision or towing damage whatsoever. Floor pans are visibly clean and stout, with original factory paint color still present where original undercoating was once installed. No level of fresh detail or clean-up work has been done underneath vehicle. Some cosmetic oxidation and surface rust buildup on some original non-factory painted parts; see photos. Clean quarter panel splashes and trunk extensions. No active leaking seen on bottom of vehicle, other than some dampness on transmission pan, but no active dripping noted on floors. See photo of floor under vehicle.
BUMPERS AND TRIM: All is very nice, no re-plating required. No missing components.
GLASS, RUBBERS, LENSES: All date coded original Saf-t-plate GM glass. Good motor speed and tight regulators function nice. All original rubbers are free of tears and still supple. No vertical roller scratches.
INTERIOR: No stains, cracks or color fade. Excellent 6000 mile well preserved everything. All options and lights work as designed, except power antenna.
ENGINE/BAY: Original 500 cubic inch starts easily, idles properly. High idle kicks down works as designed. No knocking, ticking, or smoking noted upon startup after long-term cold storage. Oil is clean and full. Engine runs very tight. Engine bay is all original with factory crayon markings on backside of hood, original stampings on alternator, exhaust manifolds, cruise control unit, wiper motor, and original paper tags on brake lines, just to name a few. Once detailed, engine will be of showable quality.
TEST DRIVE-Easy start, good acceleration with no hesitation, Suspension handles well, floats nicely. Tranny shifts well up and down, fluid is clean. Brakes apply smoothly, no pull or pulse. A/C operates, but needs recharge/service. Asking price is $35,000.00. Currently, there is one lower miles comparable car for sale in market for $60,000. This is the lowest miles car available in the market in the mid $30’s price range. An excellent investment grade car described in an honest as is fashion. Request link to report and 300 pics by emailing cars@autoappraise.com. Or, call 800-301-3886. After hours, 810-691-2664.

Update: Thanks for looking, we have sold this client’s car.

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1955 Ford Thunderbird For Sale, Frame off restored, $27,500.00

July 14th, 2011

BODY: Rotisserie frame off- jams are done to a high standard.  Vehicle was completely de-trimmed, disassembled and painted apart.  No evidence of tape lines in jams or anywhere on vehicle.  Bottoms of door shells are visibly solid.  Lip area where skin wraps shell is very clean; see photos.  Magnetic adhesion with bubble magnet was tested around all lower surface areas, and nothing was noted other than a skim coat of filler used sparingly around exterior body to flatten panels.  Body is as straight or straighter than the period in which it was designed. Fitment of door glass to top when closing needs attention.

EXTERIOR: was completely stripped restoration process.  Car is believed to be correct “Torch Red” exterior with “Snow Shoe White” top, code RE.  Base coat/clear coat in application.  All trim was pulled prior to repaint.  Reflective quality is very nice.  Large bold print can be read in the reflection from 15-18 inches away.  Reflection in upper panels mimics reflection in lower panels.  Vehicle is well color sanded and buffed throughout all surfaces. Some visible flaws noted, very nice for driver quality car.

FRAME: was painted correct Chassis Black.  No apparent damage on either end of vehicle.  No jacking damage noted.  Triangular gussets hanging off outside of frame rails all appear solid and stable, with no issues noted (A-).  Floors appear restored and painted body color.  Floor supports, reinforcement, and inner rocker structure are all sound and stable.

GAS TANK: appears to have been removed from vehicle and restored.  All fuel lines, brake lines, etc. appear to have been replaced during restoration.  Exhaust is routed correctly through frame and up through bumper exits.  Overall, a very showable underbody, needing only cosmetic touch ups from sitting 10 years.

CHROME: is in excellent shape. Both bumpers were removed and re-plated and/or replaced with aftermarket units.  Nearly all exterior chrome and trim components were replaced during restoration process. New windshield and seal, with original side and rear lites. Left door glass is in excellent condition other than has a small crack down low in right corner, approximately 2 ½ inches long; see photo. Slight usage scratches in rear and opera lites. No visible delamination noted.

INTERIOR: has been fully restored.  Seat has been re-covered in correct red and white two-tone material.  New Thunderbird floor mats were added over new loop-style carpet. Steering wheel appears to have been restored (A-). Horn chrome and clear stems are in good survivor shape, with mild patina and age noted (B-).  Dash pad, dash face, inc.fish scale, door panels, kick panels, pedal, etc. were all restored/replaced. New 4-way power seat switch is currently hanging out of door and needs to be reattached.  Switch itself appears new.  Power window switch appears new, though window movement binds and both need attention.. Canvas cover behind seat appears new.  New Headliner has wrinkles that still need to be steamed out, but is presentable as-is. (presentation B-)

CHROME WHEELS: New reproduction Kelsey Hayes correct spoke wheels, (A-)

FRONT SUSPENSION: Was completely taken apart.  All steel components were sand blasted and repainted Chassis Black.  All new bushings installed in control arms.  New shocks, replacement springs, new tie rod ends, restored sleeves, restored spindle arms, (B+).

EXHAUST: is a full stainless replacement system.  Stock manifolds were coated, and show only minor age or cosmetic rust.

REAR END:  Housing was restored.  Gear ratio unknown.  Backing plates are dry and free of any leaks, newer springs and shocks.

TRANSMISSION: Manual 3-speed appears to have been rebuilt. Transmission appears to shift without issue.  Clutch feels good. I’d like to see more free-play at top of pedal.

Brake system appears to be fully rebuilt.  restored power brake booster unit, master cylinder, Lines beneath all appear to be replaced.  Per executor of estate, her father did rebuild both front and rear brakes. Car stops nice and straight with good pedal height.

ENGINE: Per VIN code “P”, 292 motor in place. .  Engine components appear to have been completely taken apart.  No overspray noted on intake bolts, exhaust manifold bolts, generator bolts, etc.   No oil leakage noted above or beneath motor.  Some lifter churning can be heard.  Exhaust smells of varnish when running, fuel is old. Recommend pulling valve cover, re-lashing valves and hunting down vacuum leak. More in depth mechanical analysis needed to verify all potential issues.

Engine was removed from bay when vehicle was restored.  Firewall and inner fenders have all been cleaned, sanded, and repainted, and show very nicely.  All hardware was removed, including heater box assembly.  All wiring, suspension, all bolts on firewall, clips, etc. are very clean and look new.  Original Motorcraft replacement belts and period correct clamps/hoses add to nice “showable quality” detail of engine compartment, needs minimal detail or touch up grom sitting around.

Trunk is in excellent condition; fully restored with a new mat present.  Does not appear to have a jack or spare at this time.

SUMMARY: A long term, nice driver quality level of work has occurred. Vehicle is a fully restored frame-off unit that is about 90% ready to go.  Headlights, tail lights, and brake lights all function as designed.  Turn signals operate inside and out, with exception of right front blinker light.  License plate light works.  Courtesy light is inoperable.  Horn functions.  Vacuum wipers operate (slowly).  Heater control cables slide freely, and blower operates as designed.  Radio operates, but “buzzes”; Power windows operate, but very weakly, with a two-hand effort.  Clock is inoperable.  Engine seems to operate well with no noticeable knocks, although some “lifter churning” is present and can be heard. Per executors, their father spent a long time restoring this vehicle, and suffered a stroke the year it was finished.  He passed before ever logging any real miles on it.  Per sellers, vehicle has less than 200 or 300 miles since full restoration. Several small tasks were apparently left undone. Ideally, gas tank needs to be dropped and flushed, as gas that burned smelled like old varnish.  This would likely improve the performance of the vehicle. Power window tracks should be taken apart, cleaned, and adjusted, and or repaired as power windows bind and operate very slowly.  Power seat switch is new, and power seat works in all four directions, but seat switch is not secured to door and needs to be addressed.  Car is a removable hardtop car, with no convertible top installed. Fitment of glass to top will need addressing. Spare and jack appear to be missing, but may well in fact be in garage somewhere. Lifter adjustment and vacuum leak or carb work should be addressed first. Crack in left glass is barely noticeable, but should be replaced.


1951 Chevrolet 5 Window Pick-up truck For sale Frame off restored modified

June 30th, 2011

This truck has an all steel body and fenders, as well as running boards. The body is clean with excellent magnetic adhesion. It’s been in a storage locker for approximately 3 years. Red exterior was professionally applied, and still looks great, minus it’s small usage wounds, chips and oxidation. All the chrome was replaced when done a few years back, but the salt air is eating away at today’s thin aftermarket plating. We have over 200 still photos and will be happy to get those to you for an up close look at what we discovered during this 3 hour long inspection. With a professional level detail and some fresh fuel, it could certainly be enjoyed as it sits.

During the frame off, a GM front sub-frame was added with independent coil overs. Welding looks professionally executed.  The front suspension was upgraded to rack and pinion with power disc brakes. It handles and steers great. The rear end was upgraded to late model GM 10 bolt with standard multi-leaf and drums. Gear ratio is unknown and it’s seems quiet. No leaks seen. All newer shocks. The frame was sandblasted and repainted chassis black, and all new fuel lines, brake lines, clips, gas tank and mounting hardware were used underneath. Hidden power brake booster on rail is accessed through removable door in floor.  New dual exhaust was installed on stock 350 manifolds. Mufflers and some brackets/components underbody are showing surface rust from salt air, see photos. The interior has been restored in a taupe grey paint on dash, seat frame and cab interior. Replacement cardboard headliner is slightly warped but in good condition. Door card inserts look nice and handle chrome looks newer. All new gages with a clean updated underdash wiring and ducts for vintage A/C which blows cool. Seat cover is excellent a seat is firm. Nice aft-mkt. wood steering wheel needs a horn cap. All replacement glass with new seals were installed. All pieces in excellent shape. The box received a new wood planking kit and trim, but boards could stand to be re-varnished, and chrome slats cleaned up with an SOS pad. Orange peel is heavier in insides of box and some scratches noted on tailgate. Underhood the firewall is stock and was repainted exterior color when truck was disassembled. Steel black inner fenders are in good shape but in need of detailing. Rebuilt small block 350 runs great, sporting finned aluminum vette valve covers. Gaskets were recently changed by the current owner.  Some of the brackets need detailing and repainting. Updated aluminum radiator with electric fan works well. The truck seems to run cool. Mild to stock cam noted with nice smooth acceleration. 350 turbo tranny was rebuilt with no performance shift kit noted. Shifts are firm and crisp both up and down. The truck seems to have very nice drivability.   810-691-2664

UPDATE: This truck has been sold, Thanks.

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