1966 and 1967 Pontiac GTO’s, numbers matching, auto appraisal on for sale cars

Certified auto appraiser Jason Phillips has recently inspected both a 66 and 67 GTO. The post December 1966 build date for 67 models makes it a whole lot easier on verification of engines. Pontiac Motor Division began Stamping VIN’s on the motor in Mid December, 1966. If you have the still original block in a 1967, then it SHOULD be stamped next to the timing chain cover, just beyond the lower radiator hose inlet. The stamp is vertical, and often up higher on the pad. This 67 was clearly marked. The seller had the PHS documentation, even better. If you’re a buyer, and he/she does not have PHS, be sure to order it. Jim at Pontiac Historical Services can fax you back the essentials on a car history in about a day’s time. It’s well worth the money he charges to have this in hand. There you’ll find the engine unit number on the car’s billing history to match up against the right front engine stamp. This was especially useful on the 66 I did, as there was no vin stamp on the 66’s. The PHS will also provide other build history on the car. I have 265 inspectors at work nationwide, and I never send one out to do a Pontiac inspection before I order my PHS on line. The 66 turned out to be very nice, but not a matching car. It’s still for sale if you’re looking for one.

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