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"TOP NOTCH INSPECTIONS" - rated 5 out of 5 stars on - Greg Warger, Missouri

"When you are dealing with Auto Appraise you are dealing with professional automotive consultants of the highest standards" - Dan

"I am very happy with the appraisal report and having it explained to me in detail; you did a wonderful job. I commend you for the thorough examination of the vehicle." - Edward Milburn (seller), California

"Even though I had hoped one of these cars would be my dream machine, you saved me from making a potentially bad investment on each occasion. I know my car is still out there and I will continue to rely on your expertise to be sure I bring home a keeper." - Greg Warger, Missouri

"I had a follow up call with the seller and he informed me that Jason was a very professional inspector and spent much time and detail looking over his car." - Brian Hultz, Washington

"i highly recommend these guys to anyone buying a car long distance or locally for that matter." - Scott

"We are pleased with the car and believe the inspector did a good job of describing the car to us. It was well worth the money." - Debbie

"I recently used your appraisal service to help make a purchase decision on ebay located across the country.  Your service was prompt and informative.  The service was worthwhile." - John Lintzebay

"Just a little blurb to pump up Auto Appraise since I speak so highly of you." - Keith Zonts

"Thanks again for providing such a thorough appraisal during the Christmas holidays." - John Britt, Maryland


"Without your service I might have made a commitment that I would have been sorry for." - Scott

"What a great service. I will use you from now on. It is well worth the expense. I shouldn't even say expense because the inspection is very thorough and actually pays for itself." - Spencer Shafer

"The 100+ photos of the car that detailed just about every crevice, the clarity of the report combined with the professionalism, friendliness, and knowledge of Jason and Autumn made me certain I could trust the results I was getting." - Zach McGarvey

"Your knowledge and professionalism went a long way in helping me make my decision. I know you spent a late night on the phone with me explaining some photos and their relevance to the car. I really appreciate your patience." - Daniel Chidester, California

"My biggest fear of a long distance purchase is always buying a car that doesn't turn out to be what it's supposed to and your inspection give me the confidence to purchase the car without seeing it." - Sam Cohen, California

"Your attention to details and the thoroughness of your reports should be a bench mark for the entire industry." - Bob McCauley, Pennsylvania

"I would recommend Auto Appraise to anyone seeking an honest opinion on significant auto purchases." - Dwight Joiner, Georgia

"Beyond the documentation, your customer focus and willingness to accommodate my every request was fantastic. I'll be sure to recommend you to my friends." - Steve

"Thanks for another quality appraisal." - The Judge, Florida

"Thank you and I would recommend your company to anyone who is looking for a well done car appraisal process!" - Tim Brice

"I was extremely impressed with the way you reported back the results of your findings." - Buddy La Femina

"Your services was a very worthwhile expense." - Jim

"I want to thank you for doing an outstanding and completely thorough inspection..." - Allen Faltus, Washington

"I just wanted to pass on to you what turned out to be a positive experience - don't know how much feedback you get from the "seller's" side." - Larry Neifert

"You and your staff were very friendly and accommodating to get the inspections completed when time was very important. Your inspectors were knowledgeable and the car I finally purchased was all that you said it would be. I recommend your services to anyone who is serious about purchasing a car." - Bob Padreddii

"Thank you for an accurate, detailed, kind, courteous, professional, straight forward inspection. Highly recommended to anyone who does not want to lose a lot of money." - John Allano, New York


"Thank you Jason, you did a great job for me, and if anyone is seriously looking for a car, Jason will take care of you!" - Bob Boyer, Florida

"...did a very thorough job and I was very pleased with his appraisal. He reported on everything from the paint quality to the frame, lower body, trunk, drive train with detailed comments." - Dave Waligoske

"I would highly recommend him to anyone worried about buying a car sight unseen. Buying and owning a classic car should be a happy and memorable experience, not an expensive mistake, which is what nearly happened to me." - Dave J.

"With the information Jason supplied I was able to make a justified decision to purchase and I had all the information I needed to negotiate appropriately." - Ed Gruber, Pennsylvania

"I was very impressed with his knowledge, communication, and very detailed appraisal. After receiving his findings I renegotiated the price of the car saving me a substantial amount of money." - Mark, New York

"...just want to thank you on the unbelievible job you did for us..." - The Massians

"Just a quick note to thank you for your quick response to the auto appraisal" - Rod Davignon

"I'd like to express my gratitude for the fine work your company did in appraising the prospective car in New Hampshire. Your work was prompt and extremely thorough..." - Pat Reddy

"Jason's firm provided me with an economical, professional, and quality inspection for the "classic" I was about to purchase. Not only was I satisfied, but my mind was put at ease over the stress of a long distance purchase." - Ben Tomczak, Pennsylvania

"I just wanted to say thank-you for saving me $$$$$." - Mike Brown

"...your service was very thorough and accurate..." - Dennis McCormick, Florida

"Thank you for your quick response in providing an inspection report..." - Leslie and Steve Guerrero

"Your assiduous attention to detail from the beginning to the end of the transaction saved me time, money, and gave me peace of mind..." - Maureen Kennedy Salaman, California

"...Competent, hard working, and willing to go the extra mile..." - Joel Adler, California

"Jason's thorough examination and description of the car kept me from bidding on a car that sold for around $8,000.00 more than it was worth." - Mitch Lewis

"...what a thorough and awesome inspector you were!" - Ron Malin, Ohio


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