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The Internet has opened up doors to long distance auto purchasing to a degree that we have never seen before. In today's market, more classic cars change hands via the Internet than do all other sales methods combined. If you are looking for a particular classic car, estimates say you are 27 times more likely to find it on line than in the local papers or car shows. So, for those of you that aren't fortunate enough to drive down the street and crawl underneath the car you've been dreaming of owning, we are your solution!!

What is Auto Appraise's definition of a good driver quality vehicle?

The distant buyer faces many problems when purchasing a vehicle, plain and simple.

From our experience, many sellers are honest and try to describe their cars accurately, but entangled in those descriptions are the seller's emotional attachments to the car and the compliments received in the past from casual observers at shows and in the driveway about how cool his car is. Add into this the buyer's excitement of finding the car they've been looking for and the seller's motivation for selling the car, and the small details can get "stirred into the soup" and not actually surface until the dust settles...and the car is sitting in the buyer's driveway.

Then there are the buyers who were just blatantly misled and lied to. We meet them all the time; these buyers often become my best clients.

In the end, nearly 50% of those that employ us end up passing on a car they were ready to cut a check for yesterday. Those are your real odds. Craps anyone?

When you can't be there in a flash...Auto Appraise can!

Whether you are bidding on e-bay or just viewing a car for sale, we can be there in a flash. Anywhere in the country!! As a certified inspector, the owner, Jason Phillips, can personally cover auto inspections and auto appraisals in Michigan as well as assisting clients in northern Ohio, northern Illinois, and northern Indiana. Jason is also available to perform auto inspections anywhere in the country. Nationwide we have 225 inspectors, and are growing all the time. Many are certified and educated above and beyond the call of duty. We deal with you personally over the phone both before and after the inspection. So you can have confidence that we haven't passed the inspection process off to some part time college student!! We can also provide an initial verbal update after the inspection. Please view the "Cut to the chase... What do I get and how much does an auto inspection or auto appraisal cost??" section for more information.

So who IS Auto Appraise anyway?

We currently have over 225 uniquely qualified inspectors all around the United States and in the Canadian provinces and our company continues to grow everyday. We have been hired multiple times by collectors that have sent us well out of our way to inspect a vehicle because they feel we are the best people suited for the job. Please take a moment to review our referrals and testimonials page. We sincerely hope to add your letter to our list someday soon!

Cut to the chase...
What do I get and what does an auto inspection or auto appraisal cost??

Here's what you get:

  1. Initial consultation, review of ad copy and ad photos (up to 30 min).
  2. Review/inclusion of your "grocery list" if you have special requests.
  3. Typed essay style report, detailing all major areas.
  4. Photos of entire vehicle, section by section, 80-150+ photos altogether.
  5. Printed exploded view, panel by panel of major flaws, body work etc.
  6. Magnet test results detailed in exploded view and report.
  7. Vehicle jacked up and underbody thoroughly inspected on site.
  8. Extensive description and photos of frame, floor pans and body mounts
  9. Review of title and or registration and VIN match to vehicle (if provided)
  10. Written results from test drive (insurance, weather, & permission a must)
  11. Final consultation, after photo & document review (up to 30 min)

Here's what an Auto Inspection costs:

  1. Pre-Purchase Auto Inspection (above list) - $350.00
  2. Travel to and from inspection site - $65.00/hour.

Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, or Wire transfers are accepted. First time customers must pay in advance. Refunds are given only when a vehicle is sold before we can inspect said vehicle. Please note that if an order is cancelled after having been booked, there will be a $125.00 cancellation fee. Further, there are no refunds given on inspections cancelled within 24 hours of the scheduled inspection time.

We also offer these additional auto inspection and auto appraisal services:

  1. Number Matching on major components $150.00 (available only on specific vehicles and in most areas).
  2. Analysis/opinion of broche marks, stampings, rivet originality at no charge.
  3. Individual date coding on misc. items (ex: corvette glass, carbs. $75/hr).
  4. Body tag/fender tag decoding ($45.00).
  5. Phone consultation on perspective vehicle purchase, with seller interview ($95.00-175.00).
  6. Certified auto appraisal along with 8+ photos, $175.00 plus travel. This service includes researched comparable vehicles, not just book value quotes. (This is not a pre-purchase auto inspection, but our pre-purchase auto inspection customers enjoy a discounted rate of $75.00 on certified auto appraisals if requested within three weeks of the pre-purchase auto inspection completion date.

Standard procedures included on all auto appraisal and auto inspection services:

  • Management review of all pre-purchase auto inspection and auto appraisal results and photos.
  • Direct contact with Auto Appraise, Inc. throughout the process.
  • Confidence to be able to buy a vehicle from anywhere in the country and know exactly what you are getting, or being saved from!
  • Referral of unrelated open and closed shippers, no charge.
  • Fast, quality professional service from real car experts, no charge.

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